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Why Us For Your Book Trailer?

Why should you consider us for your book trailer production?


Why LoewenHerz-Creative™ For Your Book Trailer?

Every author surrounds him/herself with a professional and supportive team. And we at LoewenHerz-Creative want to be part of this team. Your team. Your book trailer.


You conceived these ideas that you carried around in your imagination for months or even years. To make them a reality, you sacrificed your time, your emotions, sometimes your sanity. And yet you pressed onward because you were meant to write this book. Your book.


And that is why your book deserves nothing but the best. The best editor. The best cover. The best trailer. A trailer that fills you with pride and excitement. A trailer that lets your style shine through. A trailer that is worth your book.




but most importantly,



Book Trailers are Essential to Your Book’s Success:

• Trailers are now preferred by readers and booksellers over any other form of book marketing product.
• Trailers are now being played on a continuous loop in bookstores and more than 1000 book trailer sites.
• Trailers are more effectively placed in email blasts, newsletters and press releases.
• Trailers are becoming a favorite tool for digital media kits.


Book Trailers: An Effective Marketing Tool

Book marketing is one of the biggest challenges for authors.  Most are usually unsure on what steps they need to take, and what is necessary and vital to their success.  One of the key components to your book marketing strategy is the use of a book trailer.


Book trailers are transforming the way readers choose their next book.  Books with trailers receive more search engine visibility, generate more buzz in social networks and engage new audiences in an exciting way.


What is a Book Trailer?

A book trailer is a 45 to 90 second book commercial.  It is a high quality audio and visual experience that lets the viewer gain valuable insight into the content of your book and ultimately supports you in reaching a broader audience.


We live in an age where fewer people are reading, and more people are watching.  Book trailers bridge the divide and draw more people to the beauty, substance, and transformative power of your book.  People look to Facebook and YouTube for information and entertainment. More videos are watched every day for news and entertainment than any other form of media. Video book trailers tap into this market. For a small investment these video advertisements reach a global audience, and will hook new readers in ways that no other type of marketing can.


Why are Book Trailers Important Marketing Tools?

Authors are often lost when it comes to advertising and spreading the word about their books. They often rely on friends and family to purchase copies and don’t go any further.  If you are planning to sell more than a handful of copies, you must step up your marketing game.  Book trailers give the author a platform to speak on their behalf.  Videos are quickly becoming the most popular form of information sharing.  Think about how much YouTube has grown over the last few years. People love to see videos on all types of subjects.


Selling a book is hard as competition is fierce.  Give yourself and your book an affordable and competitive edge.  Book Trailers may be a fairly new concept, but they truly work when done well.

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